After a triumphant turnout of the inaugural SLT Arena Games in Rotterdam, we were delighted to be invited back for their second event hosted at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London.

Despite the tight restrictions of lockdown due to COVID-19, the show had to go on and extra precautionary measures were taken by our team as well as the venue to ensure maximum safety. We were tested for COVID-19 upon arrival (all with negative results!) and only travelled to and from the hotel and venue.

As expected but still, to everyone's disappointment, a live audience was not permitted. However, this only meant that there was room for creativity and ideas for broadcasting and live-streaming. As such, in collaboration with Ian from Curiosity 360 Productions, we co-ordinated the sports presentation, which, included the presentation and timing of athlete walk-ins, ceremony music, big screen control and a DJ camera for the in-venue sports presentation. In addition to this, to commensurate with the athletes' energy , we provided, setup and ran the PA system that spanned the entire venue to maintain an upbeat atmosphere. After a long period of quarantine (our team and the equipment), a day out in the field was exactly what we all needed.

For the inaugural SLT arena games in Rotterdam, we designed and made custom buttons for the pool. With the athletes in mind and the fast-action paced event at the forefront of our design and engineering, our buttons were big, bright and easy to hit as soon as they completed a lap of the Olympic-sized pool.

Our custom buttons replaced the traditional touchpads usually found at the end of the pool as athletes needed to exit the pool from their lane rather than from the sides. We then used the buttons to determine the athletes’ completed swim time. Alongside this, we also provided the live swimming data in real-time to live streaming services and TV broadcasting, who created on-screen graphics that also interfaced with the bike & run elements of the event. As the finish line was at the opposite end to our timing control position, we used our own finish line camera to aid the timekeeping process.

Behind the scenes of it all!
Our custom made buttons

Check out our buttons in action!

and again, but in slow motion!

These live events are exciting and we are looking forward to the return of many more!